SPIRITUAL BUSINESS COACHING (Leading to Business Success Spiritually)


1. For start-ups and individuals who are part of Personal / Independent start-ups.
2. For Business Owners and Representatives who are unable to grow beyond a certain structural and energy growth.
3. For Business Owners who needs guidance to build a Spiritual vision an Positive Psychology tool for creating & crafting success.
4. For all Visionaries who are planning to develop / launch their business.
5. Individuals who wish to create success in their venture.


Event Organizer – Mind Scan™️
Dates – 1st September 2022
Timings – 1000Am to 0400Pm IST
Platform – Google Meet
Type of Program – Paid


1. In the very powerful business coaching, mentored by “Masters of Lights”, the mind perspective of an individual is made to understand their purpose, goal and visions.
2. Secret to Success, developing a ’Spiritual Plan Blue Print’ for earth business plan agenda is guided, taught and developed in the class.
3. Psychological tools of ethical success, vision building and practicing positivity is guided.
4. Guidance on the unseen energetic imprints, blocks which results in downfalls is shared. Programs available for this resolution is guided in the class.
5. Lessons from previous failures and what lessons it has taught is guided as an activity in the coaching program.
6. Importance of meditation, positive mindset, journalling , vision guiding at various levels, key actives to be carried out for success are revealed in the day’s class.


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