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A 50 Top Global Mental Health Thought Leader

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Dr. Prameela - Awards and Achievements

2020 Outstanding Mental Health Service Achiever Award
2019 50 Top Global Mental Health Leader Award
2018 WEE Speaker Award
2017 Speaking Tree Good Karma Award, Category - Life Coach
2017 Young Women Achiever’s Award
2017 Bright Perfect Achiever’s Award
2017 Felicitation by RIMS, Pune for ‘Meditation and benefits for Youth’
2017 Recognition and Honor by KIMS for delegating ‘Ancestral Healing - a gift to Mankind’
2017 World Mental Health Day Speaker Award
2014 Guest of Honor Felicitation - Sumances Consultrainers
2012 Karnataka Sangh Award - Women Empowerment

Featured in 'The Success Today'

Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam, a 50 Top Global Mental Health Thought Leader, Outstanding Mental Health Achiever and multiple award winner with two decades of experience is the Founder and Director of Mind Scan™ – a Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution.

She is an accomplished Author, Psychotherapist and Life Coach. She is a living medium and channel to receive messages from the Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Book of Life Records and more. A Ph.D holder in Psychotherapy & Counseling from University of Swahili, Central Panama, America and Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Research Centre, India. She is also a licensed Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner from NFNLP / USA.

Dr Sreemangalam, a believer of life and spirituality is a new age Energy Healer, Orator, Spiritual Mentor and conducts national and international workshops, spiritual science energy healing programs and meditation seminars for individuals and professionals. Her pathway into the emerging, adaptable, yet mystic field of science began with her personal experiences that she faced through the death of her near ones.

Dr. PRAMEELA- expertise

Where do we come from and where do we go?

Is there a life beyond?

Why do beings experience emotional blockages, physical illnesses, setbacks, and hardships in life?

Is there a thought that needs to be known?


As her life path calling evolved, she began to tap into the plane and realms of ‘Divine consciousness and Rays of the Masters’, from where the spiritual science energy of the Divine began to flow through her, gifting rise to magical experiences in healing through therapies and distance channeling.

Thus in her many years of clinical practice, she could heal and transform multitudes of individuals, work on addictive personalities with success, cure fibroids, heal – Cancer, SLE, GERD’s, Asthmatic conditions, insomnia, depression, personality dissociations, Uterine and Womb Healing and many more areas.

Her clients say that through Dr. Pam, there is always Divine energy that flows to heal and enable one to grow in the path of life. In 2015, Dr. Sreemangalam began to gift the specially channeled, downloaded healing modalities to mankind through Mind Scan’s special healing programs. The channeled programs works through mind, body, and life while healing belief systems, resolving emotional or life blocks, reducing karmic loads, and thus gifting ascension and progression to minds receiving healing. She travels to different cities and countries teaching students of life to heal and learn through the workshops titled Ancestral Healing and Education Program, Masters Practitioner Course, Female Wellness & Womb Healing, Buddha Healing, Mother Quan Yin Healing, Dysfunctional Imprint Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Maha Avatar Babaji Healing and more.

The knowledge of Science, Spirituality, and Divine energy, she’s teaching to humanity. Her personally trained team of Practitioners, Mentors and Teachers helps her in this vision and mission. She has been interviewed as the upcoming and most promising leader in the field of healing and woman empowerment. Her articles get published in magazines and she has appeared on several television channels and live interviews. For her work and accomplishments, she has received many awards.

Mind Scan™ Vision

Mind Scan™ as a community is serving the purpose of the ‘Divine and Ascended Masters of Lights’, by bringing the new age universe evolution by activating lights into the hearts of mankind. All individuals undergoing learning and healing programs are prepared to attain virtue and discipline of ‘Self-Realization, Actualization, Awareness, and God-Realization’ in their progression.

This results in deep-level cellular clearances, karmic healing, soul-level awareness, and uplift in the progression of mind and life.
Thus, an individual is able to serve the consciousness of mankind in a larger way. Serve as a port to offload universal baggage by healing the earth’s energy with ‘Divine Light’ channeling. Create more ‘Medium Professionals’, who can carry out the work of the ‘Divine and Ascended Masters’ to improve and increase the frequency of the earth. To invoke and activate blessings for ‘Life growth, Transformation, Spirituality, Awakening, Enlightenment, which are natural gifts for mankind and inhabitants.
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