About this Program-
1. Reading with Master Oreo Boy is an online learning process which leads a Student, Participant & Learner to receive ‘Spirit Wisdom & Guidance’ from Animals. The wisdom messages is channeled from the Lights and guidance from Flying Handsome Master Oreo Boy!
2. While participating in the learning, guidance, solutions, protection, fore-warning and healing is received.
3. This is a direct calling for you, if your interest is to help heal children, adults and connect with the ’Spirit Wisdom’ and “Light” learnings.


Event Organizer – Mind Scan™️
Dates – 23rd to 26th August 2022
Timings – 1000Am to 12Pm IST
Platform – Google Meet

By Participating in this Program, a student learns & benefits-
1. Learn about the Magical Master Oreo Boy Deck Cards.
2. Receive a wisdom lesson from Oreo Boy for yourself. Heal and strengthen your heart energy & mind in the process.
3. Receive messages from your past Pets through Mediumship.
4. Learn to heal Stage-Fright with the card reading.
5. Enhance leadership and development of personality.
6. Understand, strengthen your personality and mind-set to be a successful role model.
7. Healing with the Master. Guidance into creative exercises and journaling for children.
8. Practice through various card spreads, which you would learn in the class.

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