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Come 14th January, the 14th Authored Book by Dr. Pam, Seikastu – the Quintessence of Enlightenment is getting released.
MindScan family is excited to welcome Everyone for this book launch…!
This guided Light Work is a Divine Gift for Mankind sharing the 12 learning principles from Zen Masters to live an organic, purpose-driven and peaceful life originating from an inner, evolved Zen state.

Seikastu, is a simple philosophy which leads one to find reason for their existence, whilst helping them to open up to the unspoken stories within.

It introduces the reader into a state and approach of Zen Mindfulness, thus guiding and helping them to master their mind through the practice of mindfulness activities.

Harmonising oneness, success at the work place, progressing in personal relationships, improving interpersonal relationship skills, growing with beauty and health are some of the key takeaways from this book.

When you look at the cover page of the book, you are led to reflect on the journey of your life symbolic to the golden Gingko tree. Golden represents all that is in abundance, comes from the source of lights.

The Gingko Tree represents the longevity, strength and the boat represents your journey. Spiritual nourishment, contentment, transformation and liberation are symbolic to your life’s journey.

The Gingko Tree is the tree of hope and sustenance which allows mankind to understand that hardships and tough situations do not last forever, they will end in time to come.

While walking on this journey we call life, man is meant to develop friendships, weave bonds and breathe new meaning and life into their existing relationships and families, helping them to realise the deeper meanings in the walk of life.

The traveler entails life and accepts that wherever they are placed, they can find their strength to grow and sustain life, while participating in Life itself.

A new life of goodness, symbolic of the many good things that’s going to happen to you and that you will live to enjoy it’s goodness is the meaning of this book for you.

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam Ph.D

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“The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today !”

2020 Outstanding Mental Health Service Achiever Award
2019 50 Top Global Mental Health Leader Award
2018 WEE Speaker Award
2017 Speaking Tree Good Karma Award, Category – Life Coach
2017 Young Women Achiever’s Award
2017 Bright Perfect Achiever’s Award
2017 Felicitation by RIMS, Pune for ‘Meditation and benefits for Youth’
2017 Recognition and Honor by KIMS for delegating ‘Ancestral Healing – a gift to Mankind’
2017 World Mental Health Day Speaker Award
2014 Guest of Honor Felicitation – Sumances Consultrainers
2012 Karnataka Sangh Award – Women Empowerment

Meet Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam

Ph.D, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam, A top 100 Global Life Coach & 50 top Global Thought Leader, Outstanding Mental Health Achiever, and multiple award winner with two decades of experience is the Founder and Director of Mind Scan™ – a Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation, and Life Evolution.
She is an accomplished Author, Psychotherapist, and Life Coach. She is a living medium and channel to receive messages from the Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Book of Life Records, and more. A Ph.D. holder in Psychotherapy & Counseling from the University of Swahili, Central Panama, America, and Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Research Centre, India. She is also a licensed Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner from NFNLP / USA. Dr. Sreemangalam, a believer in life and spirituality is a new age Energy Healer, Orator, Spiritual Mentor and conducts national and international workshops, spiritual science energy healing programs, and meditation seminars for individuals and professionals. Her pathway into the emerging, adaptable, yet mystic field of science began with her personal experiences that she faced through the death of her near ones.    

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Psychological Healing

Psychical Trauma, Mental Healing, Grievances, Hopelessness, Anger, Failure, Confidence, Procrastination, Depression, Abuse, PTSD, OCD, Autism Healing, Stammering, Insomnia, Personality Disorders - Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorder, Fear, ..

Physical Diseases and Ailments

Healing of Cancer, Tissue Repair, Physical Injuries and Wounds, Paralysis, Fibroids, Cardiac Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Diabetic States, Migraine, Asthma, Long Standing Pain, GERD, SLE, Anxiety and others. (The ailments or conditions comes up due to disruptions ..

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Retrieving consciousness from past birth life times, receiving important soul lessons for progress in the present, heal unhealed relationship pattern, clear discords, come out of repetitive victimization, healing of deep rooted soul distress, phobias, panic attacks, ..

Masters’ Process of Healing

The Masters process of healing, awakens the natural healing potentials of an individual as it is scientifically worked through the Chakras, Endocrine Glands and Organs. With Masters process of healing, the energy depletion within a system is worked from the core..

Ancestral Healing

To heal family karma, attain release from ancestral oaths, vows, curses, generational loop issues, attain freedom from repetitive patterns of ancestral blocks, ancestral shadow, resolutions in health areas with organ/ ailment conditions, receive love, respect, ..

Womb Healing

Heal Womb Ailments & Conditions - Fibroids, PCOD, Cancer, hormonal imbalances, dissolve and resolve past painful links and hooks, help attract the right partner/ soulmate in life, aid in natural conception and birthing processes, attain freedom from ..

Life Coaching

For Transformation of Life, Personal and Business Success, Finding your Life Purpose, Relationship Coaching, Empowering life with quality of spiritual, positivity, happiness, peace and harmonious thoughts. Click below for connecting!

Mediumship Healing

Dr Pam is highly regarded as a helping soul who truly loves bridging the gap with the departed. She has helped innumerable bereaving souls upon earth who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, by delivering messages from their loved ones. If there is a closure ..

BACH Remedies

A remedy discovered from flowers by Dr Edward Bach, which has the ability to affect ones’ emotions positively. The energies from different flowers can remove ones’ emotional pain and suffering. The Bach Flower remedies are safe for everyone, including children, ..


Modern times is witnessing a paradigm shift in the global psyche. From the negativities and traumas being experiences in the post COVID times, to the physical, mental and emotional toxicities experienced by the employees, ..

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ClientEle Testimonials

Feedback Report on the workshop 'Journey to Self held on the 24th of July at the Illuminaire Fest 2021. The workshop Journey to Self was conducted by Ms. Prameela Sreemangalam to help students understand their innate self better. She assisted the students to explore their personalities and identify their concept of 'self. She achieved this with utmost excellence through clear articulation of words and her strong desire to guide young minds. She addressed multiple topics, provided a clear outline, and spoke in an easily comprehensible manner which proved to be helpful to the students. ..

Lilavatibai Podar High School, ISC (part1) Academic Year (2021-2022)

.. Her unmeasurable enthusiasm ensured the students were engaged throughout, even on an online platform. Participants gave extremely warm and joyous feedback regarding the workshop. They felt a renewed sense of understanding of themselves and took a lot of pride in their learning through the workshop. To conclude, each attendee left with a new lesson learnt and a sense of immense gratitude within them. The workshop was undoubtedly a resounding success and a boon to every single student who attended it.

Lilavatibai Podar High School, ISC (part2) Academic Year (2021-2022)

After the meditation sessions I feel Kaylin and Cleavon have gained self-awareness and have become more confident in their studies. Meditation has calmed them down a lot. Leading to a more confident and happy self for both.

Charmane Hurley (Mother) testimonial from a Parent

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mind Scan Dr. Prameela and team Sandeep and Charu for the Corporate Leadership Program introduced at Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Jatayu Unmanned Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The core team is being mentored, trained and transformed to have a common vision and goal of progression and growth of company with mindful exercises of strengthening the positive approach. The various Zen modules and psychological tools used in this program are simple yet very profound in filtering our minds, recognising our strengths and weaknesses; ..

Mrs. Nomita Johri (part 1) Director, Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions

.. which when actively and collectively worked upon has started to bring out a healthy environment for the management and core team. The program has reflected in our approach to business plans and projects, which is already showing great growth, increase in productivity, revenue as well as progress in many otherwise stagnant projects. This leadership program is very unique and transforming especially designed according to our needs, issues and roadblocks. I am extremely grateful to Mind Scan, Dr. Pam and team for their utmost dedication and in-depth work in bringing miraculous change within team and company as whole.

Mrs. Nomita Johri (part 2) Director, Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions

Its been a privilege to come in touch with you After attending your programs, I found relief not just from physical pain but also emotional pain. And I also learned to not get caught and lost in emotions. Grateful 🙏 Warm Regards, Keshika

Keshika Mumbai

The healing and invocation began from the moment the session was opened. Heaviness from the crown was lifted, unwanted, unserving energies were removed. The moment we got into meditation mode, into divine connect. Showers of thick gold liquid filled my crown and flowed down to all the chakras, enveloping each one in its majestic gentle embrace. As the flow of the nectar of life continued, I was transported to a horizon so vast, golden and orange hues covering this entire infinite vastness, birds flying, oceans and rivers gently flowing, there was no beginning and no end. ...

Satyawathi (part 1) Singapore

With each inward breath, My consciousness rose higher and higher into the cosmos of violet and purple hues with gold speckled stars everywhere and as my consciousness rose higher, I arrived at the divine plane. There on the majestic plane crystalline white and silver lights, lit up the entire vastness of space and time. I found myself sitted with members of the mindscan family amongst the Assembly Of Masters, before Divine Truth. As the crown opened, like the pages of the book of life, we were gifted the lessons of life.

Satyawathi (part 2) Singapore

I am Sharmila sharma from Jaipur, Principal in a school for lesser privileged children.I am with Sandeepji for last four years,.practicing gratitude and achieving innumerable benifits.

Sharmila sharma Teacher, Jaipur

Dear SirJi – The Invocation at the Crown Chakra was extremely empowering. The meditation started with a beautiful Golden Lotus and my consciousness was atop it. Multiple Rainbow Colours rays were being showered from the Divine Source above, which merged together at a single point as it entered my auric field; further to which pure white crystalline lights of healings and invocation were experienced at my Heart and Crown Chakra simultaneously. Once the clearances completed at the Crown Chakra, the Invocation Rays changed into shimmering Golden Divine Lights ..

Kajal (part 1)

.. filling my entire body – physical, mental, emotional, ethereal and auric. As soon as the last layer got filled, my consciousness rose to the Divine Source, and merged / integrated with it. It was a feeling of NOTHINGNESS - I felt bodiless, couldn't even feel my breath, I felt completely free, I felt abundant. At this point I heard your voice saying – “Well Done. Enjoy the Divine Integration”. After what felt like hours of flowing integrated with the Divine Rays, my consciousness was guided to connect with Mother Earth at a point of impact,

Kajal (part 2)

..and there my entire Light Pillar was connected with the Divine Source, and millions of geometric petals emerged from the point of contact, which covered the entire Earth in the interconnected / interwoven pattern of Divine Golden Lights. ...At this point I could witness everything drenched in Divine’s Love and Lights; the leaves, the rivers, the mountains, animals, birds, the air, even mankind – EVERYTHING WAS IN GOLDEN DIVINE LIGHTS. And from a point of Nothingness I experienced the feeling of COMPLETE ONENESS & DIVINE UNITY Post which I was again flowing effortlessly with the ...

Kajal (part 3)

...Divine Lights - I was home ❤️; till the point when you called our consciousness back to the heart chakra. Soulful Gratitude SirJi, for such a beautiful, extensive, deep and life-altering Spiritual Ascension Meditation. I am a completely different individual compared to the one who started this journey of 7 days, which felt much much longer with the amount of wisdom and knowledge imparted in such a small timeframe. 🌟🙇‍♀️🌈🌟🙏😊 Soulful Gratitude Divine, Spirit Source, Masters, Goddesses, Lord Oreo Boy, Master Parmahansa Yogananda, Goddess Isis, Lord Manu, Dr. Pam Mam, Surendra SirJi and MindScan Spiritual Family. ❤️🌸🙏🌈🪶🙇‍♀️🌟😍

Kajal (part 4)

I'm so inspired to write my experiences after reading everyone's Divine experience today. After Third Eye Chakra invocation yesterday, I was in complete bliss. Although there was cross over of close family relative, I was completely aligned with Divine will. I could accept it so gracefully. Death as a process, I felt I accepted so well for the first time in life. My Crown Chakra was already getting ready for invocation yesterday itself, I could feel immense flow of air at my Crown. I started experiencing light moment class started. My Crown was filled with lights. At one point, my consciousness rose and I could see my Crown Chakra getting drilled taking out something. Again I saw Master Yogananda Paramahansa standing and I joined him. ..

Subodh and Family (part 1)

..We walked towards lights above, he blessed me on my Crown and Third eye Chakra. I bowed my consciousness on his feet I saw Divine Lights coming from his feet. He carefully sent my consciousness back into Crown...Towards end I saw, Lord Shiva filling my Crown with blue rays and Flames. I just want to be with Masters in that bliss always. Soulful Gratitude to Surenderji taking us to immense spiritual experiences and helping in ascension.🙇‍♀️🙏🏼♥️💓♥️ Soulful Gratitude to Dr. Pam for everything 😍🥰💓 Soulful Gratitude to Sunitha mam, Madhuri mam and everyone for beautiful journey of transformation ❣️♥️💙💞

Subodh and Family (part 2)

Oh my Gosh Hanie this womb healing you did is next level I told you that since you started doing this womb healing 3 days ago i have had slight pain in my stomach like the kind pains one gets before their monthly periods, The thing is, i have not even had my periods in years. Don’t how many years but at least 5 years since i had my periods. As you were healing me you mentioned that i will get my period soon but i honestly did net think much of it really thought it was impossible plus to be honest i was not really wanting my period back like you know (i know, i know I should not say that's🤣) ...Remember you told me to surrender as me blocking the flow of my period is the reason that the flow of abundance in my life is blocked as well. ..

Nimmi (part 1)

.. So i tried my best to Surrender and let go and embrace my feminiity and not reject it anymore like you guided me to and i did it to the best of my ability and guess what? Just 3 days into your womb healing and here i am having my period for the first time in years. I am pretty convinced now that this womb healing is doing way more than i can even comprehend. I have been to a lot of spiritual healers throughout the years to be honest but i have never something like this happen before. am just too shocked and i dont know what to say. cant wait for my next healing. By the way the healing you did for the growth on my mums hand's has been amazing too, The growth has completely stopped growing and the pain has completely went away. She had this twice before and usually the doctor makes her wait until the growth is larger ..

Nimmi (part 2)

.. before they operate and during this time she can barely use her hands, she barely manages to pick up a spoon but here not only the growth has stopped she has no pain at all! Mum is so happy and keeps praising you. She keeps wondering why you were not there before so she could have avoided the other surgeries Tomorrow mum has appointment with the doctor but i doubt she will even need surgery this time. And after getting my period restarted after years i am pretty convinced the mall growth that happened before you started the healing will subside too😃. My mind is just so blown away, are really good. Never rued such real experiences with healings before where the effects are so instantaneous. Its .most spooky. i still cant wrap my mind around it Thank you thank you thank you see you at the next session!

Nimmi (part 3)

Truly magical! The Healing Powers of the Goddesses is just so so deep and intense.. Beautiful, blessed healings done by you Hanie Mam… May The Divine and Goddesses Bless you with their Love and Lights forever 😍🙏🙇‍♀️🤗❤️🌸🪶


Thank You, Dr Pam, because of your blessings and teachings we are able to carry out beautiful healings. You are my inspiration. Thank You to The Womb Goddesses as I was just the medium and the goddesses were carrying out the entire healing. Soulful Gratitude Dr Pam 🙏🙇‍♀️ Soulful Gratitude Womb Goddesses


Wow! This is magical 🪄 i was also blessed with healing power of Goddesses 2 months back, soulful gratitude to Dr. Pam. The realisation that there is something much larger at work beyond my limited thinking, has left me overwhelmed. Wish you good health always ✨🌟


This is just magnificent and miraculous. " Miracles happen when you are in complete surrender to the Divine and Masters."...( These are Dr Pam's words) I too have seen a miracle happen , all gratitude to Dr Pam. Yours too is a blessing of the Divine and Masters. Stay ever Blessed, in Lights and healthy. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


I am very happy to share my Magical experience .Before the Workshop I had my whole body check up done and i was diagnosed with overian fibroid which is almost utras size so was advised to go for immediate operation from 2 specialist. But somehow the dates got postponed due to unavailability of specialist Dr. And this all went till today and today i went for some ultrasonography again and miracle happened the same Dr told me there's no need of surgery. In this 15 days I went for cancer test also. But every thing is normal and after my womb healing workshop i don't have pain for single day. ..

Sreyashi (part 1)

.. Thank you Dr Pam mam...Surendra sir...Sunitha mam...all 7 Goddess..and ...masters who are always there in my self healing and womb healing every day session. Thank you thankyou thankyou. Thank You for helping us to grow every day every minute. I am feeling my awareness of every minute is now changing. Confidence increased in me...feeling worries about future. Only belief of better today and tomorrow. Want to say so many things what i am observing in me but not able to jst speechless..... soulful Gratitude to Divine. Dr Pam mam,Surendra Sir, Sunitha mam, Lord flying Master Oreo Boy...Vispi...And all my Mind Scan Family.

Sreyashi (part 2)

"This is my first attempt at therapy. Honestly, I didn't have enough idea on how this works, specially during pandemic scenes. They made the whole process seem very easy and convenient. I must mention the incredible follow-up skill of Mehr.Online sessions are pretty good and well managed by the Doctor."

Sahana D

“Mind Scan™, are embraced with positivity and warm vibes. The Doctor are qualified, open, receptive and helpful in a non judgemental way. Mind Scan™ is adept in handling concerns related any age group. They deliver good quality work be it individual sessions, group sessions, trainings or workshops.

Rashmi K

Can't be described in words. Really great in terms of providing value in their counseling sessions and highly confidential. Overall you are in right hands when you approach them with your problems. The atmosphere and vibe of the place itself is calm and cheerful. I would highly recommend Mindscan if you are looking for any sort of counseling.

Sunita K

Phenomenal life coaching seasons and it was a journey of unknown towards known. Dr. PAM was awesome in listening, communication and problem solving. It was more of a healing journey. This step by step life coaching session was my favourite. God bless Dr. PAM and team. Highly recommended.

Sajan S
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