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Mind Scan Community Services

By Mind Scan- Center of Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution

Research, Education & Awareness

The Mind Scan Community is dedicated to:
Case history collection and research that examines the effects of healing on health, life and wellbeing, contributing to evolution.

We bring awareness through free weekly Online Community Meditations, Reading Activity, Q&A Sessions & In-Person Group Sessions.

This is both a healing and certified learning program, aimed to gift ‘Ancestral Healing Practitioners’ to society.
There are four modules in the Ancestral Healing Workshop

Community Service

We are a community serving humanity and empowering lives with special campaigns and emphasis on healing for differently abled children and adults facing challenging situations, which are outcome oriented.

Engaged in feeding the needy, nurturing and improving the energy of universe with Mother Earth Healing, Seed Planting, Care for Plants, Trees, Animal Support, Elimination of Plastic, Supporting natural resources.

Our Values

Oneness, Happiness, Spiritual Joy, Ascension, Evolution, Success

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