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Unlocking Freedom Retreat:
A 3-Day Mind-fullness, Meditative Journey with Mother Quan Yin in Mumbai, India

Organizer: MIND SCAN®️
Country / City: India in Mumbai

Venue: Lemon Tree Premier (Close to International Airport)

Dates : 12th to 15th September 2024

Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum,

Welcoming you to experience the transformative power of Mother Quan Yin’s Light codes, at Mind Scan’s enlightening retreat led by Dr Prameela Sreemangalam, a renowned mental health thought leader.

Join us at “Lemon Tree Premier”, near the International Airport from September 12th to 15th, 2024, for activation, invocations and profound healing sessions.

Suitable for all seeking spiritual growth, emotional healing , and abundance in life. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace mercy, compassion and prosperity in a collective unified journey towards enlightenment.

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam (Pam), a 50 Top Global Mental Health Thought Leader, Medium, Hastaksharr Ratna Puraskar Award Winner, Author, Psychotherapist and Life Coach, the event focuses on transformative aspects with the “Light Codes of the Mother Quan Yin”.

Activations and Invocations with Mother Quan Yin’s Light Codes:
This theme involves a series of empowering sessions which includes, Activating the Healing Powers, Mindfulness Session in Mercy Temple of Mother Quan Yin, Initiating Forgiveness, Empowering Mind with Harmony and Love, Manifesting Compassion and Mercy, Deliverance from Emotional and Spiritual Prisons, Clearing Karmic Knots, Invoking Mother’s Justice, Opening Gateways to Freedom, Abundance, Prosperity and Enlightenment, and Unity in Oneness Grid of Light Abundance.

SUITABILITY:- (For all individuals and youngsters):
1. Those feeling a higher calling to attend this enlightening retreat.
2. Individuals seeking to bring freedom, progression and evolution into their lives.
3. People wanting to heal their souls, enhance their physical journey and elevate the flow of energy in their lives.
4. Those who have had spiritual experiences at some stages and phases of their life, and who resonate with deeper learnings guided by mercy and compassion of Mother Quan Yin.
5. Participants seeking deliverance and freedom from deep energy blocks and curses hindering progress in life, relationships, health, finances and spiritual ascension.
6. Those, ready to step into the pathway of “Oneness, Unity” by embracing the mercy and compassion of Mother Quan Yin, the soul-deliverer and freedom provider.
7. Individuals looking to awaken spiritual and mental consciousness by taking a spiritual break in this retreat.
8. Those eager to welcome new blossoms and progression in life, connect and bond with a large spiritual family, with the grace of compassion Mother Quan Yin.

1. Pre booking Registration & confirmation: INR 15,000/- $197.1 USD (non refundable).
2. Special discount of 5% for two or more person from the same family.

Ms. Sunitha +91 77603 93447
Ms Madhuri Putrevu +91 8019562379
Ms Upasana +91 98720 74479

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Mind Scan®️
Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution



Ancestral Healing & Education Program

Certification Program – (Course Duration – 7.5 Days) A very deep, intense-layer shredding, metaphysical, energy healing work, aimed at healing the seven lineages of ancestors. By activating the Spiritual Science Energy and invoking the gifts of Ascended Masters Lights, Ancestral imprints are worked upon for life healing, resolutions, and life progress.

This is both a healing and certified learning program, aimed to gift ‘Ancestral Healing Practitioners’ to society.
There are four modules in the Ancestral Healing Workshop

Level 1 – The Immortal Beings – where a participant learns about – Astral Planes, Realms and Dimensions, Birth and Death process, receive Invocation to activate the healing and be initiated into mediumship and astral channeling. Four types of astral channeling are taught to the students.

Level 2 – Channeling with Masters where a participant knows about – Ancestry lineages, their influences in the present and future generation and identify blocks and patterns, passed through the ancestry. Through the guided process of Masters invocations, a sacred circle is created to address and heal the ancestral imprints, which is followed by ancestral liberation and peace offering. Major clearance occurs aiding in ascension and more connect with Ascended Masters is accomplished through further activations, infusion, and invocations which begins to heal the ancestral karma and gift freedom to the individual and all future generations.

Level 3 – Healing with Creator Consciousness – where a participant – Addresses deeper problems of ancestors which are affecting relationships. property and land disputes, law, emotional and personality conflicts, paranormal attachments and attain freedom from dark shadows and clearances for the environment. Here individual also gets introduced to chakras of the system, undergoes major shifts and progression with spiritual alignment as a continuous infusion of Masters lights, begins to shred any ancestral, personal, social karma and barriers and thus initiate a healing process work for self and others as a Practitioner.

Level 4 – Divine Oneness – where a participant is initiated into deeper karmic healing, Cellular shredding, DNA activation, Mind & Body energy healing and accomplish outcome into the pathway of resolutions with ascension and up-gradation to Peace, Oneness, Spiritual Progress, Awakening, Self-Actualization, Realization and more.

Give-Aways – Ancestral Prayer Booklet, Crystal Pendulum, Ancestral Reading Board, Ancestral Divination Deck, Chakra Analysis Chart, Masters Divination Deck, Manuals, and Certificates.

Masters Practitioner Course

Certification Program – (Course Duration – 3 Days) A very high transformational ‘Spiritual Science Energy’ healing program, where an individual receives a series of Ascended Masters Invocations, representing the Divine Source and Lights. This results in spiritual, mental, and energy level shifts that aid in the physical and life transformation of the individual. The being becomes a perfect Master and Guide, serving the higher purpose of the Divine and sharing it with human consciousness, as a Practitioner/ Medium/ Torchbearer of Lights.

The higher evolution and growth of the Practitioner helps them to connect with Ascended Masters, who further aid in the evolution to establish oneness with the Truth of Divine Oneness – God. Light body is received as a gift to the Practitioner by Masters. The light body is a clear blueprint state of health, harmony and happiness – a state which empowers a being to live a successful life of spiritual harmony and abundance, which are divine and eternal. The individual thereafter begins to participate in the larger plans of the universe, as, in the higher awakened state, Mastery, Actualization, and Realization are gifted from the Divine Oneness Source. Give Aways – Crystal Pendulum, Chakra Analysis Chart, Masters Divination Deck, Manuals and Certificates.

The Buddha Workshop

Certification Program – (Course Duration – 2 Days) A two-day transformational, healing workshop with *Master Buddha* where a Learner/ Student integrates His/Her consciousness of mind with healing, awareness, resolutions, and awakening. In two days of the healing workshop, mind is activated through meditations, healing processes, and invocations of Master Buddha’s lights which results in the shredding of inner layers, attaining healing at mind, body, and soul level.
An individual undergoes healing for personal self, receive invocations to activate Buddha Consciousness, which results in transformations of thoughts with personality up-gradation, awareness, and awakening.

Give Aways – Manual, Certificates, Moxibustion Sticks.

Mother Quan Yin Healing Workshop

Certification Program – (Basic & Advance Level) A healing modality gifted to humanity in the new age spiritual ascension year. The processes guided by the ‘Divine Mother’, delivered through the Teacher (medium), initiate an individual is into Mother’s discipleship. While being a witness and receiver, a student experiences intense healing and transformations at the consciousness level. There is the activation of deep cellular and molecular healing within the body and aura – this has profound effects upon the personality and health. The purification process carried out further with gifted spiritual flames, benefits healing of past life impressions, trauma releases, wounds, stuck mental challenges, and karmic programs thus aiding in spiritual healing and balancing.

This has profound effects on one’s life, as it aids in attaining breakthroughs from multiple pasts that limited them from accomplishing freedom. Activation of Mother’s Compassionate, Mercy, and Love energy as a spiritual ceremonial process, aids in the karmic template healing, which results in sensory shifts and causal body energy rise and healing.

A being initiated into the discipleship of Mother Quan Yin benefits the universe as the awakened, enlightened being of light, is able to impart Divine Mother’s healing, messages, and light.

Give Aways – Manual, Certificates.

Female Wellness & Womb Healing Program

Certification Program – (Basic & Advance Level) The ancient, sacred womb healing modality, was received under the mystic guidances of 7 Sacred Divine Goddesses, who are guardians and healers of the womb and sacral chakra. In the inner guided feminine healing, through a series of activations and womb processes with help of crystals and very powerful channeling of flame energies womb is infused with healing, which results in light activation of the womb. This gifts the receiver with incredible healing benefits like – restoration and balancing of hormones, safe creation of womb, healing of the inner womb impressions, attainment of higher happiness and satisfaction
in life, improvement in wisdom, creativity, inner connection and intuition, inner awakening, and more.The healing workshop is beneficial for females wanting natural conception and birthing, attracting soulful partners, healing fertility issues, pregnancy losses. healing children issues and learn womb healing and energy protection. The activation of feminine Sakti results in healing trauma stored around the womb space region. The sacred Divine energy channel activation within helps to be a conduit & medium of Divine Goddesses and be a womb healer. Give-Aways – Womb Healing Kit, Manual & Certificate.

Dysfunctional Family Imprint Healing with Mother Quan Yin

With activations, invocations, guided processes integrated with the powerful healing energies, lights, and flames of Mercy Mother – Mother Quan Yin, deep intense healing is experienced on the following topics:
Relationship Dysfunctions –Presenting with constant conflicts, emotionally unavailable partner or family member, breakups, divorce, infidelity, being alone, toxicity, etc.
Financial/ Career/ Progressive Blocks Dysfunctions –Presenting with struggles with abundance, opportunities falling away, debts, etc.

Negativity Dysfunctions – Presenting with constant victim states of attacks from para-normal energies, forces, entities, etc.
Health Dysfunctions – Presenting with repetitive or chronic health issues, carrying forward of ailments and medical conditions from lineages, etc.
Mental & Spiritual Block – Presenting with empty patterns in relationships, emotional cheating, personality difficulties, addictions, abuse, etc.

Master Maha Avatar Babaji Healing Program

The most awakened immortal Master Maha Avatar Babaji gifts the most profound cosmic healing to humanity. An individual undergoing invocation and initiation into healing through this Master, activates the cosmic consciousness that’s emitted from the Masters’ heart.
Awakening of Master’s lights within, aids in physical, mental and spiritual healing. An individual undergoing the healing program is able to practice self healing and gift healing to humanity through the sacred energy of Babaji’s love. The spiritual awakening occurring within, initiates the spiritual force to travels into the heart within and master gland. These are realization stages and the most powerful limitless force unites with the supreme Divine centre.

The Akashic Record Healing Program

Certification Program – (Basic & Advance Level)
A Spiritual Trance, Meditative, High Intense, Energy Healing workshop was created and crafted to gift soul healing and life evolution to an individual. The Akashic Record or the Book of Life* is a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future, which influences the life of an individual. With guided processes, deep Energetic Clearing is carried out that will clean up the field, and all energies that does not belong to you will be released.

Re-scripting of the Akashic Record is energetically carried out to help accomplish complete healing and this gives outcome in the physical reality of earth journey. Throughout the healing processes personal and group invocations with Masters of Lights are carried out to benefit the individual’s highest healing and progress in the spiritual pathway.

Spiritual Hypnosis Program

Certification Program – (Basic & Advance Level)
A transformative, self-empowering learning and healing modality, guided by Masters, Spirit Guides and Higher Souls, the student gets introduced to learn and heal about mind. Traveling through the consciousness of mind, the student is trained in many levels of therapeutic mind healing modalities.

Karmic Healing Process, Spiritual Regression Therapy, Retrieving consciousness from past birth life times, past painful memory, cellular healing and many important topics are covered in the program. Healing of past life time traumas, oaths, vows, curses, stuck pattern and aids in the progress and evolution ahead, while healing states of mind, body and soul. Spiritual hypnosis, helps you to know who you truly are and guides you to the pathway ahead. While understanding your existence, you will get to know how you have chosen your present life relationships and what roles they play for your soul ascension and spiritual rise.

Bach Flower Healing Workshop

Certification Program – (Basic & Advance Level)

Come, learn about finding the cure through the natural remedies of nature, gifted to mankind by Dr. Edward Bach. They work specifically to gift complete holistic healing, which benefits the wellbeing of individuals/ children/ Pets/ Plants.
Know about Bach Flower Remedy. Learn about the seven groups for Bach Remedy. Learn to identify emotions and prepare the remedy. How to prepare combinations based on personalities. Learn to administer Bach Remedy professionally and more.

Pure Mediums
Online Mediumship
Training Program

Pure Mediums (Online Mediumship Training Program)
Mind Scan® Are you ready to become a pure medium to the Divine, Masters of Lights & Astral World?
For years, man has been soul searching for the journey of their departed beings, to track their energy existence & to communicate with the departed, beautiful ancestors. In this program, you take a journey toward mediumship.

Master Class by Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam, Founder – Mind Scan®

Dr. Pam is an Author, Psychotherapist, and Life Coach, a 50 Top Global Mental Health Leader, Good Karma Award, and multiple award winners, with many years of experience in the practice field.
Age Group – 18 years and above.

Course Duration – Six Weeks
Live Online Program, twice a week, 2.5 hours class.
team guidance is available for continued learning & practice.

Platform – Google Meet

Benefits –

In the mediumship course, you will learn –

The Mediumship Program works with the energy vibrations of Lights and the guidance of Masters. By being a ‘Medium’, you would be a torchbearer to mankind. This energy-packed class will gift you with a lot of lessons & practice sessions, that enable you to open your most innate healing powers & psychic abilities. Take Aways – Completion Certificate, Masters Divination Deck, Pdf Manual. Courier charges are applicable as per standard fares.
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