Spiritual Gratitude Program


Spiritual Gratitude is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to become mindful of one’s own emotional states and prepare them to handle things efficiently.

Suitability :- Students, Youngsters and Individuals aged 12 & above-
1.Like to live a positive and happy life.
2. Who want to improve their Relationships- Personal, External & Work.
3. Who are stressed, depressed, with different moods wanting to find a balance in their life.
4. Who wishes to enhance their life and spiritual journey.
5.Who intents to be introduced into the practice of Gratitude.

Benefits – With the practice of Gratitude-
1. One becomes more mindful and aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
2. The practice will bring calmness, peacefulness in the mind, body and thus to the soul.
3. Enhance the perception positively and thus help to build a positive perspective.
4. Enjoy deeper sleep during enhancing productivity and efficiency.
5. Enjoy better relationships personally and professionally.
6. Develop a strong spiritual sense and experience a sense of deep connection with the Divine.
7. Find yourself in happy, joyful, compassionate mindset – a platform to welcome abundance.




Event Details:-
Practicing gratitude changes the flow of your life. It brings forth more positivity, eliminates negatives and overall improves the quality of life.
This Flagship program of Mind Scan™️ with handcrafted journal will teach you the art and technique of practicing gratitude, thereby uplifting your life’s energy.
In the 21 days of Spiritual Gratitude Program, everyday, you work on a guided theme which resolves career blocks, imparts value, mental peace and bring solution to your life.

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