2022 Lions-gate Portal Meditation


Event Details –
The Lions-gate Portal is activated around the 08th Day & 08th Month of every year.
During this time, the earth makes a special cosmic alignment with the Sirius Star and creates a very powerful portal energy of manifestation. The superpowerful cosmic energy flows into the physical and spiritual realms in double the capacity.

Through guided meditation, when this is activated into the hearts of humanity with invocation and alignment, the DNA undergoes an intense surge with light. Here, an earth being witnesses higher vibrations of ascension, craft abundance, mastery, spiritual rise and ascension.
This awakens your Divinity in the Physical form, aiding your earth life evolution & progression at all levels.


Theme: 5D Higher Consciousness for Earth, Spiritual & Financial Abundance.

Date – 08.08.2022
Timings – 04:30 to 06.30Pm IST
Platform – Google Meet
Type of Program – Paid
Organizer – Mind Scan®️


Benefits –
1. Increase & uplift your soul energy.
2. Be the charge to help earth progress to 5D reality.
3. Manifest Financial, Spiritual and Earth Abundance and awaken your glial cells.
4. Get activated into the light frequency of the Great Central Sun.
5. Activate your spiritual heart, align and walk into your higher purpose & walk into the light pathway.
6. Experience and uplift your ‘Light Body Frequency’ which accelerates your personal ascension and spiritual progression.
7. Heal your body and activate freshness and youthful energy in your body.
8. Increase clairvoyance, productive and productive abilities.

Let’s do this activity together!

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