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    Its been a privilege to come in touch with you After attending your programs, I found relief not just from physical pain but also emotional pain. And I also learned to not get caught and lost in emotions. Grateful 🙏 Warm Regards, Keshika

    Keshika Mumbai

    The healing and invocation began from the moment the session was opened. Heaviness from the crown was lifted, unwanted, unserving energies were removed. The moment we got into meditation mode, into divine connect. As the crown opened, like the pages of the book of life, we were gifted the lessons of life.

    Satyawathi Singapore

    I am Sharmila sharma from Jaipur, Principal in a school for lesser privileged children.I am with Sandeepji for last four years,.practicing gratitude and achieving innumerable benifits.

    Sharmila sharma Teacher, Jaipur

    I bowed my consciousness on his feet I saw Divine Lights coming from his feet. He carefully sent my consciousness back into Crown. Towards end I saw, Lord Shiva filling my Crown with blue rays and Flames. I just want to be with Masters in that bliss always. Soulful Gratitude to Surenderji taking us to immense spiritual experiences and helping in ascension.🙇‍♀️🙏🏼♥️💓♥️ Soulful Gratitude to Dr. Pam for everything 😍🥰💓 Soulful Gratitude to Sunitha mam, Madhuri mam and everyone for beautiful journey of transformation ❣️♥️💙💞

    Subodh and Family

    Truly magical! The Healing Powers of the Goddesses is just so so deep and intense.. Beautiful, blessed healings done by you Hanie Mam… May The Divine and Goddesses Bless you with their Love and Lights forever 😍🙏🙇‍♀️🤗❤️🌸🪶


    Thank You, Dr Pam, because of your blessings and teachings we are able to carry out beautiful healings. You are my inspiration. Thank You to The Womb Goddesses as I was just the medium and the goddesses were carrying out the entire healing. Soulful Gratitude Dr Pam 🙏🙇‍♀️ Soulful Gratitude Womb Goddesses


    Wow! This is magical 🪄 i was also blessed with healing power of Goddesses 2 months back, soulful gratitude to Dr. Pam. The realisation that there is something much larger at work beyond my limited thinking, has left me overwhelmed. Wish you good health always ✨🌟


    This is just magnificent and miraculous. " Miracles happen when you are in complete surrender to the Divine and Masters."...( These are Dr Pam's words) I too have seen a miracle happen , all gratitude to Dr Pam. Yours too is a blessing of the Divine and Masters. Stay ever Blessed, in Lights and healthy. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


    "This is my first attempt at therapy. Honestly, I didn't have enough idea on how this works, specially during pandemic scenes. They made the whole process seem very easy and convenient. I must mention the incredible follow-up skill of Mehr.Online sessions are pretty good and well managed by the Doctor."

    Sahana D

    “Mind Scan™, are embraced with positivity and warm vibes. The Doctor are qualified, open, receptive and helpful in a non judgemental way. Mind Scan™ is adept in handling concerns related any age group. They deliver good quality work be it individual sessions, group sessions, trainings or workshops.

    Rashmi K

    Can't be described in words. Really great in terms of providing value in their counseling sessions and highly confidential. Overall you are in right hands when you approach them with your problems. The atmosphere and vibe of the place itself is calm and cheerful. I would highly recommend Mindscan if you are looking for any sort of counseling.

    Sunita K

    Phenomenal life coaching seasons and it was a journey of unknown towards known. Dr. PAM was awesome in listening, communication and problem solving. It was more of a healing journey. This step by step life coaching session was my favourite. God bless Dr. PAM and team. Highly recommended.

    Sajan S


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      A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

      Dr. Pam

      Lead Speaker

      Founder @ Mindscan, A 50 Top Global Mental Health Thought Leader

      Sandeep Mukhergee

      Spiritual Healer & Mentor @Mindscan

      Relationship Healing, Womb Healing, Financial Blockages Removal Healing, Ancestral Healings, Mediumship Channelling and Healing

      Sunitha R.

      Divine Teacher, Healer, Core Team Member

      Mind Scan Spiritual Energy Healer 2) Ancestral Healer ,Womb Healer and Karma Healer

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      Dates - 17th Dec 2022
      Timings - 11.00Am to 1:00Pm
      Type of Program - Paid

      Conducted By -
      Ms Nirmala Keswani, Spiritual Womb Healer, Mentor and Medium - Mind Scan®️ in Dubai.

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      A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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